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I'm Having a Mid-Entrepreneurship Crisis

I started my small business journey with Etsy, and over the years, Etsy has helped me make a lot of extra money on the side (over $240K to be more exact). But as my life evolved--started my career, got married, had a family--my priorities changed and slaving over customer orders for extra cash no longer seemed appealing to me.

So I took an entrepreneurship break and focused all my attention on raising my family and growing my career.

It wasn't until the pandemic hit when we started to feel the true impacts of not having that extra stream of income coming in.

So I restarted my entrepreneurship journey... And without getting into all the details, in the end, I realized that growing a business on Instagram is really frickin' hard.

Yes, there is so much potential to make a lot of money on Instagram. I've made a few thousand on there, so I know it's possible. But scaling your business really leans on growing your Instagram account, and I've always ALWAYS had trouble getting past a few hundred followers.

Why can't I grow on Instagram? I know what to do, but I can't stay consistent. Why can't I stay consistent? Because I'm not tapping into my true calling.

Instead, I dance around it. Career women. Introversion. Making extra money. Leadership. Etsy. Small business...

Sounds like a lot... so what exactly is my niche? Helping introverted women succeed in their career and in their business.

So it hit me.

Why not tie all of that together? I've been segmenting each of those topics thinking that I need to niche down. Niche down. Niche down. But in reality, niching down means tying it all together.

I heard an influencer once say that "your niche is the person you were about 3 years ago". And that's exactly who I want to speak to.

So long story short... I'm going in a new direction. You'll likely see some changes in the next few weeks, including a new course, new workbooks, and new inspiration.

Still me, just with more clarity.

And maybe, just maybe, my Instagram will gain some traction too.

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