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How to Find Your Niche

You see it (and hear it) all over social media.

"You need to have a niche."

A niche gets you a following. A niche brings in business. A niche helps you stand out.

But, wth is a niche?!

Well, according to, a niche is a "specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service".

Which sounds simple enough, but for someone trying to grow their Instagram account, or sell a product online, this niche stuff can feel harder to figure out than earning a college degree.

And it's hard for two reasons:

  1. Finding "your specialty" requires a lot of thought and insight, and

  2. People often confuse "specialty" with "niche".

Let's break it down...

A specialty is something you do. Perhaps you're an artist that specializes in watercolor landscape paintings. Or maybe you're a crafter who specializes in handmade Christmas cards.

Sounds niche enough, right?

Well, these are something you do (or make).

For a niche, you have to think a little bit deeper and ask, what problem am I solving with my specialty?

Let's look at the watercolor artist example. Their niche may be creating wall-to-wall watercolor art for travelers who want to relive their adventures at home. The problem: wanting to relive their adventures at home. The customer: people who like to travel.

So, you can think of a niche as a specific person with a specific need.

A lot of times, your niche intertwines with your own skills and passions. The watercolor artist may have been an avid traveler at some point in her life, and watercolor was a way of transporting her back to her adventures.

Another way to think of it: Your niche may resonate with a younger version of yourself, typically the person you were about 3 years ago.

What were your pain points? What did you need then that your current self can help with now?

So as you're building your business, consider who your ideal customer is. Who is that specific person you are helping?

Good luck and happy niche-ing!


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