empowered women empower women

Hey, hi, hello! Im Kristine. I enjoy warm lattes in oversized mugs, lounging poolside on a warm summer day, and going on Sunday strolls with my husband and two kids.

My close friends describe me as driven and optimistic, but they might also say I can be obsessive compulsive sometimes too!

I started making jewelry in 2015 from my living room floor. What started as a weekend hobby for an introvert at heart, quickly grew into my passion.


Creating jewelry helped me feel empowered, beautiful, and ready to take on the world. And I wanted to share this feeling with other women, encouraging them to take that next step.

Most weekends you will find me with my kids singing Baby Shark, hosting a coffee party for Minnie Mouse, and kissing away boo boos. And on special days I might indulge in crafting and a glass of red wine.

Be bold. be fearless. Be you. You got this.